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ZHUZHOU SINOCEAN TOOLS CO.,LTD  founded in Zhuzhou city, Hunan province, China.
Tungsten Carbide Tools
For the industrial processes of turning, milling and drilling or in other applications where high hardness is 
required. We produce carbide 
inserts, carbide rods, carbide strips, carbide end mills, carbide dies, carbide
drills,and carbide buttons and so on other carbide cutting tools, 
used for processes of turning, milling, drilling,
Fastener & Screw Tools.
We provide First Punch and Holder, Second Punch and Holder, Header Dies, Bugal & CSK Head Dies, Hole 
Insert Mold, Thread Rolling 
Dies, Trimming Dies , Punch Rods, etc. Highly demanded for their perfect fitment 
and extended running life.  


Please contact us by Email: sales_siicl@yeah.net

Solid Carbide End Mills
Carbide Rods
Carbide Dies
Carbide Strips/Plates/Wear Parts
Mining Bits/Buttons/Teeth/Tips
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